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      LED Lighting, LED Retrofits

      change street light to LEDSaving Money With LEDs

      According to the U.S. Department of Energy, widespread use of LED lighting has the greatest potential impact on energy savings in the United States, saving tens of billions of dollars in energy costs.

      We deliver LED lights and turn-key systems that produce huge energy savings, as well as savings in operational costs (i.e. maintenance). Examples include advanced lighting control systems for stadiums, bridges, hospitals, service stations, classrooms, warehouses, and LED light systems that gather and analyze data for retail and other applications.

      We provide smart city-ready LED streetlights with Wi-Fi , with Wireless Lighting Control Units , and connectivity for IP cameras and sensors. Streetlamps are an untapped and cost-efficient platform for public wireless Internet access and Smart City applications. This platform allows you access to advanced configurable reporting, with energy-saving analyses and maintenance reports. All streetlights in the system are scanned at cho-sen intervals to provide real-time failure analysis reports, including details of non-functioning units, their exact location, and the likely reason for the failure. This facilitates a faster maintenance respon-se time, and reduces the necessity

      bridge LEDWorking with an international designer and manufacturer of LED lights, we are able to provide a unique “shared savings” financing program, with government backing. First, an audit of your existing lighting is conducted. We return with a proposed lighting plan, as well as calculations of what the savings will be.

      A portion of those savings are pledged to pay for the LED upgrade, usually for a term of 5 years or less.After that, the client keeps all of the savings.

      Installation can be financed in the same way.The LED upgrade will generate sufficient savings to pay the state-backed deferred payment plan.

      “This pay as you save program”? means that corporations, municipalities, institutions, retailers, property management companies and others can upgrade immediately to LED and enjoy the economic and environmental advantages.
      Terms can be cash-positive or cash-neutral. Since payment for the LED upgrade can come from reduced operating expenditures, rather than from increased capital expenditures, energy efficiency initiatives can initiated immediately without having to raise capital, issue bonds, etc.

      LED for retailerLED lighting for service station
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      LEDs for hospitals

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