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      About Providence Trade and Development, LLC

      Our goal is to provide resources, goods and services that improve the quality of life. We focus on necessities, like clean water, and sustainable solutions, like solar power.We hope to be of service to underserved markets.

      Partnering with innovative leaders in waste to energy technology, energy efficiency, solar power,solar pump technology, ultra-efficient irrigation techniques, solar water water filtration and more, Providence delivers systems that can save lives.

      Women collect water from a puddle in the middle of a dirt road in southern Sudan

      Lex Henkels

      Lex Henkels and friends, Cornerstone Children’s Home, southern Sudan

      Alexander (Lex) Henkels? developed his appreciation for the power of a worldwide network while working for the Associated Press in New York. Later he became a photo editor and manager for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Mr. Henkels also served as a volunteer president and member of the investment committee of a mental health foundation. Lex left the Inquirer in 1995 to explore the possibilities of the Internet, online marketing and advertising. While helping one company create an international footprint, he developed contacts that would lead to the formation of Providence Trade and Development.