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      Solar Power Energy

      Providence partners are experts in solar power systems, having designed and installed solar power systems that provide electricity for villages, schools, ranches and homes in locations around the world.

      Providence’s partner designed and installed this 90 kw tracking solar power system, which provides all of the electrical power to an elementary school in California.

      Solar panels automatically track the sun and provide
      power for this California home

      Solar powered water pumps is an obvious choice for electricity in remote locations. Solar power can replace power when the electrical grid is down in a disaster or emergency.

      Solar power provides independence and huge savings in energy costs. A Providence solar power system can pay for itself in a relatively short time, producing free energy for years thereafter.

      Providence systems are designed for many years of service. The solar panels carry a warranty of 20 years or more.

      Providence has partnered with the foremost designer and installer of solar power systems, with projects ranging from North American tribal lands to South Korea, including one of the world’s largest tracking PV (Photovoltaic) systems.

      Checking the battery bank of a
      solar powered home

      For mobile power, Providence introduces a trailer-mounted solar power system that includes a 106-foot mast for mounting communications or other equipment, as well as an optional water purification system.

      Our solar power systems are completely scalable, and can provide electricity for a house, a village, a school, or more.

      Discover how Providence and the sun can solve your energy needs.