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      News From Providence More

      UN General Assembly Declares Access to Clean Water and Sanitation is a Human Right
      Posted On: 15 August, 2010

      SSI signs global distribution agreement with Providence for water purification for mobile solar and wind powered energy and communications systems.

      July 8, 2010- Strategic Services International, LLC (SSI) announced that it has signed a global distribution agreement with Providence Trade and Development which enables SSI to integrate and distribute Providence Trade’s water purification and irrigation solutions on-board SSI’s GSW Series mobile solar and wind powered communications and power systems.

      “The partnership with Providence Trade represents a real breakthrough in military support, disaster relief and aid to developing nations because for the first time, we can integrate highly scalable water purification and irrigation capability in a completely mobile, self-contained, easily deployable and remotely maintained and monitored renewable power generation solution,” said Josh Baker, VP of Energy Services at SSI.
      “What is significant and life-changing, “Baker said, “is that we have a highly-scalable solution (producing from 1,000 to more than 10,000 liters per hour of clean drinking water) on-board a completely mobile platform without all the typical on-site construction/assembly, all managed and monitored from anywhere in the world using an easy to use mobile application.”

      “It is a natural fit to add our water purification systems to SSI’s mobile power and communications platform,” said Lex Henkels, co-founder of Providence. A single mobile unit can deliver power, communications and safe clean drinking water will be invaluable in remote areas or in disaster situations. We look forward to working with SSI and having a tremendously positive impact.”

      About SSI

      Strategic Services International (SSI) is a Maryland Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB). SSI provides a variety of integrated technology solutions and services that meet the needs of government, energy utilities and commercial clients in a variety of vertical industries.

      SSI’s primary focus and expertise as a solutions provider are in the areas of renewable energy generation and energy efficiency IT solutions, advanced energy technology research, development and production, and network and enterprise cyber security.